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Matan gun quest isn't working (Bug)

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Josserhamon, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Josserhamon

    Josserhamon New Member

    Feb 3, 2019
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    There's a quest in Roxburry called "Exploring Fox Den". In it, the Merchant asks you to go to Fox Den, find Matan Gun, destroy it, and bring back the Power Core. Now, as for finding and destroying Matan Gun - the quest works, but there's no way to actually loot the power core. When you destroy it, it shines as if it is lootable, but rightclicking, or performing loot action on it doesn't work, my character won't even attempt to autorun to it. I assume it gets stuck in the floor, since the terrain is uneven there and I've noticed that sometimes if you kill mobs on this kind of terrain you can't loot them just like you can't in this case. I've tried doing it a few times, killing Matan Gun right away, killing it after the spawning mobs, the result is the same: it just lies there, unlootable, for a few seconds, then gets despawned and you have to abandon the quest to try it again.

    I've asked people in Shout chat and they seem to have had the same problem and ended up just abandoning the quest for good. I've also seen this quest actually done by someone on youtube, with the latest video that I've seen uploaded around 2017. So it seems like it used to work, but doesn't now.

    And I think that's it. I hope it gets fixed:)
  2. Maunzilla

    Maunzilla Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2015
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    I fulfilled that quest last week. I had no problem looting the core. (on Lux Plena). So this quest seems not to be generally dysfunctional. Maybe you had a positioning error. In that case relog and try looting again by pressing X.
  3. Tom

    Tom Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2015
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    Its a little tricky, you need to walk and Click "x" for looting while walking to Bug your character in the matan gun dimension.
    Relog doesnt Work if you play alone, just in party.

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