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Late Game Questions

Discussion in 'Mercenary' started by MasterMoo, May 17, 2019 at 6:24 PM.

  1. MasterMoo

    MasterMoo New Member

    Jan 22, 2015
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    Hey all, I'm back and curious about playing in the new-ish Elite spaces.

    I plan on playing my GS still and so first question is, is it still Droes till Lv89? Do one of the Elite Dungeons become viable?

    I heard their monsters are all very hard like the ones in Lab were, so I'm okay with switching to a 1v1 build to level after Droes. My goal is maybe trying to hit 93 so I can wear the last Merc armor set. From my calculations it will be better than my current 69/25 set (Droes set would be better too but the materials needed to craft are very expensive lol) I also saw Elite Robi has a good 1h and Shield. Are those even possible to get or should I just scrape the idea and look at the regular 89/1 1h and shield?

    I feel like in the past we stopped lving GS at 78/79/80/81 because as your lv went up the max def you needed to still tank went up. As well as your total mp went up making AD harder to sustain.

    These days with new armor sets and the craft-able mp pills I recon its okay to lv again and I want to see the elite stuff. As well as defense fusions can hopefully bridge the gap with having the defense a GS needs. For if a GS cant tank, then what are we good for? lol

    All questions and comments are encouraged!

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