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Help for priest skills and stats

Discussion in 'Saint' started by Bryonnen, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Bryonnen

    Bryonnen New Member

    Mar 27, 2016
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    Hi all :)
    I'm new and my new character is a level 1 :p
    Before begin to level up I have doubts about his skills and stats.
    These are skills selected :
    As you can see, I have selected to max up "Armor of light" instead of "Blessing of Nature" and " Breathing of the Hearts" because I think it's usefull a damage reduction of 58% in 60 sec ( 90 cd) than an increases of phis defense ( there are magical classes like mages and shaman and, maybe, magical bosses (?) ) and an increases of attack power of close range character ( and the shooter ? ).
    Moreover, as you can see, I have selected to max up all the heals and this will require a huge amount of MP.
    For this reason I have thought to increase theese stats :
    Every 3 points = +1 Constitution and + 2 Wisdom.
    I don't know how Hp and Mp I will have but I think it will be sufficient to spam heals skill.
    I would become a backline support that heal and support his allies.
    Are theese stats and theese skill worst for a priest?
    Any suggestions?
  2. Taru

    Taru Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2015
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    Hi there!

    It's nice to see interest in a support build as these aren't that common (at least on Bergruen). But as there is a reason for that, I want to inform you first about how your build will play out:

    As you chose neither any attack skills, nor set any points to dexterity, your own damage output will probably go to zero.
    As you want to support other players, this is totally fine, but you need to know that then of course, you will obviously need a party to keep leveling. You have to kill monsters and solve quests for getting level ups of course, so doing this by yourself will be quite annoying.
    So this goes to our next part:
    As you will need to depend on a party/partner for leveling, you have to keep in mind, that Florensia is not the kind of game that needs much party play in the early game, at least at the moment. There are some discussions going on to balance the classes and the gameplay to support partyplay but as it is now, at least on my server I know a lot of players who tend to to leveling by their own, as they can do that quite fast as the monsters will get easier and easier with higher level, and also as they will not get a real bonus by sharing ther spawn with others because of that.
    That being said, there are of course still players who just of the sake of fun and community will level together, and especially if you find someone who uses a damage build, like a 1o1 strength gladiator, or a gsm, you will find a valuable partner who will appreciate your support.
    That's just some information, so you know what your choice will mean for leveling up your character.
    Other than that, a full support priest is a very valuable build concering bosses and pvp. With the new Elite Dungeons, where the monsters are a lot stronger, the help is needed more than ever. That being said, it's also possible to beat the bosses and elite monsters with other classes or depending on which, even alone. So they will not depend on you all the time, but you will certainly be a nice addition to the group.
    Also, as you put your points in Wisdom and Constitution, in combination with armor of light, you are able to stand quite long on the battlefield, as you have some HP and are able to keep them up with your heals.

    Alright then, now back to your skills and stats:
    As a supporter, maxing out armor of light is certainly all right. Normally, you can say that you should at least skill 5/7, and most of the builds will quit at that, as this is already about 50% for 1 minute.
    I would still recommend to max out blessing of nature, though. This skill is very useful even for not support builds, as the amount of about 800 is quite a lot, especially in combination with breathing of the earth a priest can aquire, as this one also gives a total of 783 defense. These buffs are very valuable in PvE, as all monster auto-attack damage and skills are scaled with physical defense. Especially classes with much HP like Mercenaries love these buffs for that reason. Because of the huge amount, it's also important for yourself, though, as this will decrease all incoming damage of physical classes, so mercenaries and explorers. On battlefield, this is important to stand longer before going down. Also, here of course your friends can profit from it as well.
    Blessing of Life would be a good skill for support, but in my opinion, it isn't worth upgrading, as you already get +354 HP on the first point, which only increases about 500 HP for 6 points. You can max it out, but I would recommend to put it far to the end of your build, to skill other skills first.

    Using all heal skills is good in general, but most players tend to decide for a few of them, so they have more points left. In general, the basic difference between Healing Hands and Instant Recovery is Instant usage for about 3 times the MP costs compared to less MP but a casting time of a few seconds. In dangerous situations or player combats, I would highly recommend Instant Recovery over Healing Hands. Recovery is very important though, and Master Recovery can be quite helpful as it heals a lot of HP, but also has quite a long casting time, causing that you can get canceled quite often in combat. Aura of Life, as support priest, is very recommended as well.

    Spiritual Power isn't recommended, as the effect does not work in combat. So you would put 9 skills into it to have a higher regeneration out of battle. Not that useful.

    Last but not least: As a support, always max out Balance Up. There are some boss skills and especially player stuns which will have their chance of taking effect on you reduced because of Balance Up. On max it's 40%, and that's very useful. Think of being canceled in every action you want to do because you don't have this skill.
    I would also recommend to skill Cure, but that hasn't that high priority. It should be there for support, but normally, players have antidotes, also, bosses tend to spam their skills, so you could end up in using this skill over and over for nothing.

    Regarding your stats: For a support build you chose the two only important stats, so this is good. But I would recommend to change the priority, so that you have more con than wis in the end. You have think about it that way: It's better to stay longer and use your heals on other players, as having a lot of MP you have to use four yourself, or being dead with them as you ran out of HP.
    Especially if you have your two defense buffs, these will profit from higher HP as well.
    My friends and I are always saying, try to reach about 15k MP in the end game, the rest, put into HP.
    Regarding this priority, I would also recommend to reach these MP only with your status points, and using all your equipment slots for HP bonuses. That's because you will get more out of wis than con as a saint, so tactically, it's more wisely to use your points in that and increasing your HP with equipment.

    If you have further questions, just ask!
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  3. Maunzilla

    Maunzilla Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2015
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    You forgot to skill the last one Breathing of the Earth. It is the most powerfull buff priests can give. You should max it as far as possible.
    To max all healing skills is not recommended. If you max Instant Recovery you won't use Helaing hands anymore. Use those points for Blessing of Nature.
    Training of mental power ist not of much use when you have that much MP.
    As a supporter spend one point on Cure.
    Piritual power ist not that much useful. So I would skill it at the end if there are some points left.

    I would suggest these options:
  4. Bobob

    Bobob Active Member

    Jan 20, 2015
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    Also, keep in mind that you need a lot of points after lvl 40. So you will have to chose what heal to upgrade first. You will max all the skill needed at lvl 99, and will always have got 2-3 skills to upgrade earlier.

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