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GSM - a new way of PVP (Support)

Discussion in 'Mercenary' started by SoL, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. SoL

    SoL New Member

    Jan 27, 2015
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    In advance, this is not a pvp guide for a gsm. This thread represent my own opinion, how a gsm can be useful in pvp and which role he can play in it.

    1. 1vs1 PVP - the false way

    Most Player know, that a gsm is not a good characterclass for 1vs1 pvp. And yes, thats sadly true. A gsm doesn´t do much dmg, doesn´t have enough speed, and doesn´t get anything out of having avoid. Also with little MP, you can´t use skills that often. Even if you have +8 things or higher, you will always be average at best. You won´t get near the lv of a cm or shaman. If you can time your skill "ad" (absolute defence) you can be not that bad, but against players with good abilities, you will be defeated really easily. So if you want to be good in that kind of pvp, you need to chose another class for that.

    But now i will introduce you a way (in my opinion), where a gsm CAN be useful in pvp.

    2. Support PVP (Massive Player vs Player - at least 2vs2)

    A gsm will always be an supporter in pve, doesn´t matter, whenever he tanks the boss, while others do the dmg/kill or holding the mobs for aoing. Thats his main role. So what does this mean for pvp? A gsm can be quite useful in pvp, because he does have the ability to "STUNLOCK" a Player, if skilled right, with the right items. This can be very good, when you need to hold off an enemy character, which is critical for the whole team, such as stopping an priest before he can heal his Team or stop someone with a lot of +10 or higher items.

    So the question is, how is this possible? Here are the Facts, how it can be possible:

    -) First is the skill "upper slash" - which stuns an opponent for 2 sec. It doesn´t cost much mp, but can miss. Cooldown is 15 sec, so it´s quite good.

    -) Shield bash - stuns the Opponent at max for 6 sec. The most important skill, but costs quite a bit of MP. But because our main focus won´t be to deal max. dmg, you will have enough MP for that so no worries.

    -) The passiv stun skill "Impact engery" - At max, you have a 26% Chance to stun an enemy with a normal 1h a slash for 2 sec. Thats not bad for us, especial while it doesn´t use MP. While we focus our attention at "stun locking" a player, you won´t use much skills, so you attack most of the time with normal 1h attacks, to make the most out of that skill. With lord buff, droes glove, alchemist or cash pot + a dress, which gives you an extra 7% Speed dmg (or more) - you can maximize that effect, because you hit much much faster.

    Another thing, thats important here, is the chance of landing a critical If you combine your skills + your crits, it´s possible to block a Player for a long time. (With luck) Honestly I can´t say much about that, because I only recently lv a gsm with that stat. So here is my Info about that:

    I put about 30 Points in "willpower". That alone raised my chance of crits to min. 120-150. When you use 2x 200% rings - you will have about 600 more Points, than without 30 extra Points, which is a lot (30 Points don´t hurt that much).

    WIth lv50- i have about 1,6K crits - with Alchemist pots - more than 1,7k. If you are about +90 - you will have about 1,8-1,9k without pot. Thats quite insane. Of Course I know, that the avoid of the enemy, BU (40-50%) and the lv difference must be considered as well, but still, we will be able to crit a few times, if combined with the stuns (with and without cooldown), it can be destructive.

    While in PVP

    Even if the the combo (look above) works, it won´t work to 100%. So when the player has a few sec. to use his skills, it will be to heal himself, to run away or to attack you. (Depending on the class):

    -) Heal himself

    Thats not really an issue, because you still keep him in "stun lock". The goal is not to take him down, just to hold him off, before he can use Amor/heals on other players, so no worries here. He won´t have much time either to use it for others.

    -) Run

    The the most annoying option for us. When he is an exca/noble, he can outrun us easily. But even that isn´t much of a problem, because he still needs to focus on us. The most problemclass for us will be noble, because he could use "sleep" against us. Can´t do much against that. Also other classes will use stuns, to run away, but than they wasted it for us and not on our Team, remember, we are only Support. (Also if we time ad correctly, 1x stun can be wasted for free.^^)

    -) Fight

    If the Opponent is much stronger than us, he also could try to kill us. But now we have an advantage. Because we don´t use much skills, we still have a lot of MP left for our trumph card "Absolute defence". As I have said many times over - we BUY TIME, and with Ad, nobody can take us down that easily.

    This represent my own opinion, which role the gsm can take in pvp and how it can be useful. Also sorry for my bad english, because don´t have word so... don´t have much overview in here. Hope I could give you a chance to see the gsm in a new light.

    Made by Sol.

  2. Hondacivicep3

    Hondacivicep3 New Member

    Dec 22, 2017
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    Hi dear sorry for my englisch

    Yeah the idea is great did you test it ? I think the high stun and hit speed combined with high dmg from 1h or aoe ( Tornado slash) can make you a "strong" enemy if you have enough hit and hp
  3. oldgamegamer

    oldgamegamer New Member

    Jan 8, 2018
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    Das Problem selber ist nicht das stunen sondern die dots was angerichtet wird von noble somit is es un möglich als gsm ein noble zu killn

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