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Gladiator – Shield Mastery or Two Hand sword Mastery?

Discussion in 'Mercenary' started by SoL, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. SoL

    SoL New Member

    Jan 27, 2015
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    Hello everyone!

    First let me apologize for my bad English. (I´m German^^”). As you can see above – this is a tread do discuss, which skill is better for a Gladiator. (If we consider, that we max. at least one these skills). Because I don´t know, which skill I should be maxing, I intend to discuss that with you all, so it will help me reach a conclusion. ^^

    Before we begin, here a few Infos:

    -) Assume the character only has +4 armor/weapon (Not everyone wants to spend >100k ap or more)

    -) There is no lv limit (So we can discuss, if the skills are not only good in low lvs, but also in high lvs)

    -) Think not only about pvp, but also pve (1vs1 and party) and bosses

    -) Cash items are allowed (pirat dress etc. –)

    Then let´s begin, here are the effects for maxing both skills:

    -) Shield Mastery (15 Points spend) – While wearing a shield, your def will be increased by 746

    -) Two Hand sword Mastery (11 Points spend) – While wearing a 2h sword, your max. dmg will be increased by 496.

    Now I will tell you about the pros/cons about those 2x skills. Please be awre, that this is all my very own opinion. Feel free to criticize, because that’s exactly what I want^^

    · Shield Mastery

    I´m pretty sure, you all have the question, why a Gladiator should max. Shield Mastery in the first place? Simply, Gladiator are also using shield, as for tanking, luring or even fighting in pvp. Also, not everyone wants a gsm only to have a high defence. (That would be another discussion) So here is an example, why it can be good:

    You are luring 15 mobs. Each mob does 1000 dmg to you. All of these mobs hit you 10 times, before all of them are killed. (Including luring by yourself)

    6 of the hits happens, when you are wearing a shield.

    I will assume that with 746 more defence, you get at least 70 dmg less, then without it. First it doesn´t sound very good, but here is the thing:

    15 mobs -> each mob does 70 dmg less -> 1K (just to make it easier). They hit you about 6 times while you are wearing a shield = 6k dmg less. That’s a lot. The argument against it could be, that in a party with more than 4 people including a priest, its not necessary to skill that. But if you consider, that the mp of a priest is not infinity and he has to watch out, that he doesn´t get aggro, the skill itself is not that bad.

    So here are the pros/cons to it :

    + Can be useful in an aoe party for luring and tanking (special, if you don´t have a priest)

    + Can be good against other merc and explorer (if it’s a long fight)

    + Good against bosses, that takes a while to beat (also if they stun a lot – damn hugel -.-)

    + Even if you are stunned, the skill is in effect

    - It requires 15 points to max which can be used for other skills. (Actual, a huge disadvantage)

    - Against noble/saint, its worthless…

    · Two Hand Sword Mastery

    This skill is one of the most basic skills. Many Gladiator max. this skill, because the original role of a Gladiator is to do as much dmg as possible. I don´t have much to add about this skill, so we will skip to the pros/cons right away:

    + In comparison to Shield Mastery, it only costs 11 point. So, you have 4 points left, that can be used for other skills.

    + It gives you a dmg boost for 496, which is really not bad.

    + In combination with a red pirat dress even better (15% max. attack power).

    - Remember, it states 496 MAX. DMG, that means you won´t do 496 more dmg with every hit.

    - It gives you only a dmg boost, if you are using a 2h. When you look at pvp/fighting bosses, where you only use 2h if the opponent is stunned, it’s not that superior.

    - If you are stunned, it doesn´t help you.

    So that will end my own opinion of these skills. So its your turn now. What do you think is the better choice?

    Thank you in advance. ^^
  2. Tom

    Tom Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2015
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    Im playing currently a gladiator and Max both :D

    There is nothing more to say, i totally agree with your Points.

    At least if you wanna just One of them, i would prefer shield mastery, because the dmg of 2 handed mastery are just Peanuts against the fix dmg of the sword (with other dmg skills)

    +500 Max dmg = ~250 more dmg in total
  3. SoL

    SoL New Member

    Jan 27, 2015
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    First thank you for your reply. :)

    I intend to start playing a Gladiator. But while I´m still stucked at lvling sea, i thought I can at least clear some of my questions here, before I start lvling serious. Still have some questions about Gladiator, but that will be in an other thread(s). Because otherwise, I could write a whole more pages. (Here only talking about the skills above.)

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