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General Introduction to the Mercenary class

Discussion in 'Mercenary' started by luxniki, Jan 22, 2017.

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    Jan 14, 2017
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    Read this if you're considering to play a mercenary, are a new mercenary player or an old one that hopes to learn something new;

    Sup guys, lets keep it short and simple, lots of new players
    choose to play mercenary and they tend to ask all sorts of questions, so I just felt like doing a short summary of what to expect from the class and what skills to avoid and which to pick. I'll also give a short overview of viable playstyles of mercenaries.

    If you're looking for anything specific, just CTRL + F it.

    So, what would those viables playstyles be? Generally there are 2 playstyles in florensia: 1on1 and aoe, the latter being the more efficient choice, albeit being more demanding in regards to gear and skill, but don't be fooled, a 1on1 character without sufficient gear is going to be painfully slow as well.
    AoE requires you to put all your stat points into con, while 1on1 allows for a split between str and con, or just simply going full str (which I would not recommend).

    The choice between gladiator and guardian swordsman is depending on your goals, if you wanna focus on the pve side of florensia (lol), then gsm has some advantages like absolute defense (thats about it), while the skillset of the gladiator is somewhat superior in regards to the pvp side of things. While leveling, both are about equal, the gladiator featuring superior speed due to blood fury, while the gsm can't be crit and they take a lot less dmg, although gsms are faster to lvl from 65 upwards until the 80s, due to the being able to aoe retis and minnestis much more reliably (retis and minnestis are a mercenary's holy land)

    Moving on to skills, I am not going to bother with much formatting nor am I going to add fancy pictures.

    General Mercenary:

    Fishing: Every class has been the recipient of this one of a kind newbie-bait skill, don't skill it. Period.

    Spiral Slash: Atrocious scaling with points, leave at 1.

    Cross Edge: Only matters in mercenary vs mercenary pvps, boss autohits are usually not a concern, and other classes dont care about its attackspeed slow. If you want to be the supreme mercenary killer, put some points into it.

    Sword Mastery: Contrary to the name, this mastery only applies to 1h swords. Skill it if you want to be a gsm, kill lots of bosses and never fight another player (or only mercenarys).

    Smash Quake: One of the potential aoes you can get as a mercenary (albeit one is gladiator only), while also arguably being the worst. Wouldn't recommend putting more than one point into it (which should suffice 98% of the time). The aoe is atrocious, the mana/damage ratio too.

    Storm Edge: A not that usable skill. Only reason to ever skill it past 1 should be that you're a 1h only roleplayer. Okay damage scaling per point, but scales off the low damage of your 1h sword, while also having an obnoxiously long animation. Why use this one, when you can just use gale smash and switch weapon immediatly after, getting the defense of your shield and the damage-scaling of your 2h.

    Shield Mastery: Get it if you're playing the infamous boss-slaying gsm, otherwise leave at 1. Very point consuming and little payoff for pvps (like no +magic res).

    Shield Bash: Like one of the 5 good skills mercenary has, in total. Still a huge waste of 11 points for a 6s stun that can be dodged via BU 40/50% of the time. It tells a lot about the state of mercenary when such a skill can be considered S class for mercenary.

    Breaker: Terrible skill, very bad skillpoint/damage ratio and like many of the mercenary skills, overly long animation. Don't skill past 1.

    Upper Slash: The only reason to ever put a point into breaker is this: your second stun. Sadly its not very long, doesn't increase in duration by skilling it and also does not improve damagewise very much. Leave at 1. Still a top 5 skill tho.

    Deep Slash: This might just be one of the worst skills in the game. It probably is. 15 points for a bleed with 70 dps at max, for a great duration of 21 seconds. Never ever put more than one point into this skill.

    Two-Hand Sword mastery: Pretty decent, get it early if you play full str, get it at 80+ if you're aoe. Keep in mind that point/added-damage ratio increases the more points your put into it.

    Tornado Slash: Hands down one of the only reasons to play this class at all. Great damage, low cooldown, great aoe and you get it early. And it also scales off a 2h, the weapon with the most damage in the game. You max this. (unless you're pve gsm, but even then you can)

    Gale Smash: An okay skill, it should not be your first choice to put points into, but it is an okay finisher with great damage even with only 1 point invested into it. Maxing it adds about 2k+ dmg for 8 points, which is ok. Also scales off 2h, which is good.

    Berserker: One of your 2 "movement" skills, the other one being exclusive to gladiator. The fact that skilling it does practically nothing saddens mercenaries all around the globe. leave at 1, useful but tedious casting animation and requires you to sswitch to your 2h, leaving you vulnerable during aoe.

    Stone Skin: used to be good, then it got nerfed to the ground, depending on your gear I'd skip it because its a huge waste of points, take it if you're a pve gsm or your gear is atrocius.

    Composure: Max this, no questions asked. 300 Hit for 9 points is great.

    Berserk: Don't bother with this skill, its a self-buff with terrible scaling.

    Heart of Steel: Don't bother with this one either, you can spend 9 points on 2k hp here or you can get 5-8 fusions and get the same for about 20k gelt.

    Provocation: Decent Skill for its griefing and has party-play potential. What you can do with this skill is provoce bosses to follow you, run away and reset their hp this way. Only allowed in lawless areas to my knowledge. If you're a pve gsm, consider skilling this to 2, to overwrite enemy provocatios. It is considered a buff, and higher levelled buffs always overwrite lower ones. A nifty trick. Due to it being a buff, if you are the main tank of your group, another mercenary with the same skilllevel as you can refresh your provocation by casting it on the boss before yours ends.

    Aggression: Clear cut damage passive skill. Take it if you statted more than 100 str or are lvl 99 with too many points.

    Balance Up: Mandatory selfbuff for pretty much every class in the game. Stops 50% of stuns in pvp, leads to you getting crit to your death in aoes less, ggreat value for the points. Can be skipped on 1v1 builds and pve gsms.

    Guardian Swordsman:

    Absolute Defense:
    Good skill for its purpose, pve. Won't help you in pvp because you literally won't be able to move. mana consuming, but worth it. To dispell some myths that were around for a while in regards to AD: +mp reg/ X% MP regeneration and the likes on gear, fusions and buffs will NOT affect your mana regeneration, and therefore absolute defense while you are in combat. It detracts a % of your max mp every few seconds, reduced by skilling the skill. Aim for about 3.8k mp for permanent AD without alchemist poitons, around 5k are fine with alchemist potions. Pretty much the only reason to make a gsm.

    Sacrifice of Blood:
    Sounds good on paper, but even as a full strength gsm, the heal doesn't matter much, the mp costs are staggering, to summ it up: terrible skill, don't waste your points here

    Cry of Courage:
    AoE provocation, pretty useful in harder content (aka laboratory and upwards). Tom would probably recommend it very much. its ok imo.

    Impact energy: technically a good skill, limited by the fact that it displaces bosses, sometimes leading to deaths among your allies, and moving bosses away from you, forcing you to walk to them, often times with AD on (hence you#re slow as fuck). Ueful in pvp gsms, but what the fuck are you doing in pvp as a gsm unless you're taru.


    Lightning Recall:
    A very peculiar skill, its somewhat of an aoe but severly limited, in exchange it deals magic damage and slows your opponents severely. But there a several pitfalls to avoid with this skill: First off, it scales off your magic hit, which most of the time, will be pitifully low, hence requiring tedious fusions. Versus dex enemies its gonna miss 98% of the time and even vs other con classes its got an atrocious hitrate.
    Second pitfall: its not a real aoe, but rather a skill that spreads from monster to monster like a chain lightning. If your enemies are somewhat well spread (like papegaaras for example), you will hit a pitiful amount.
    Also tends to miss at crucial times during your aoes, leading to your death.

    Deathblow Training:
    Pretty bad skill, 5 points for an additional 500 damage every time you crit (which won't be that often without shining supervisor mole rings or statting severe amounts of will). Can be skilled in a full con gladiator build utilizing about 50 stat points in will and shining supervisor mole rings.

    Blood Fury:
    This right here is the reason why gladiators manage to have the highest continous dps amongst all the classes (provided your equipment is not severely lacking). Movement speed, damage and attackspeed. Great skill, and it even last 60 seconds.

    Blood Thirst:
    Technically a good skill, but somewhat limited, due to the fact that often times you won't get a stun off on the victim you just pulled to you, explorers will moving shot you, nobles will either lightning shock you or just port away, using this on saints is a fiction anyway, because no saint will ever run from a mercenary.
    Skill it anyway, has griefing potential and is good for picking out focus targets in bigger fights.

    In conclusion it can be said that the reasons for playing mercenary are few, and most people play it because they like having high hp(which doesnt help most of the time an yway), being meele and tall, I guess.
    Supposedly class balance changes are coming this year( within 11 months at the time of this post).

    Im not even going to go into detail on the class matchups in pvp, because you lose all of them 70% of the time anyways, even with superior equipment.

    Speaking of, maybe a section on equipment is appropriate:
    Headgear: anything with %HP, noodles or a boat are prime choices, devil walker hat if you're somewhat poor.
    Body: Again, %HP is great, attackspeed and movement speed are great choices too.
    Necklace: hatis is your best choice, if you're 90+, avoid seal 89 stufff is ok too. mars warrior permanent is best in slot.
    Earrings: Hatis, again. Avoid and mars warrior stuff are an option.
    Rings: about 5 sorts of choices: Mole rings 2x, Mars warrior permanent hp rings, hatis stuff, 89 avoid seals or if you're a pve gsm, get serbetus/robinos rings with +def seals.

    Shield: 73 recipe shield offers the best value shield wise, great bonuses, great defense and it even looks great. Upgrade your shield evrry time you can durign leveling, its a good source of defense.
    1h: Any 1h works, if you want to get fancy you can upgrade it +6 or higher, only really matters in mercenary vs mercenary anways. If you're a pve gsm, this is your main weapon. Treat it as such. A good 1h is great for your peace of mind when it comes to farming bossees.
    2h: Your main weapon 95%of the time, gives you your damage and makes mercenaries mercenaries imo.
    Great value are: 73 recipe, 85 craft and 89 droes 2h.

    In pve your most important piece is your coat, get it +6 or higher, makes aoe'ing a breeze too.
    In pvp you need pants +8 or higher if you're gonna stand any sort of chance,
    Somewhat high gloves are a bonus too, improves the rate your lightning recall hits.
    Boots are your last priority, but important once you#re 90+, because it makes 80 something court magicians beatable if you have 300-500 avoid. (they tend to miss a certain amount)

    post anything I might have missed, flame, criticise, demand proof or whatever.
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