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[EVENT] Guild vs. Guild Winners

Discussion in 'Cardiff Times' started by [GIF] Mayu, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. [GIIKU] Mayu

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    Nov 10, 2016
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    Dear Florensians,

    All guilds had fantastic fights, but in the end, just one guild was able to take home the victory and is the winner of our Guild vs Guild Event from the 02.03.2019!
    Bergruen (1-79):
    1. Flandria.info
    2. EasyMoney
    Bergruen (80+):
    1. †Prestige†
    2. DasMonopol
    3. Kapitalist
    4. †MortalAgony†
    LuxPlena (80+):
    1. WReturn
    2. ¤CryClown¤

    Also thanks to all the other guilds and spectators that stayed fair while the event took place.

    Your Florensia Team​

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