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[EVENT] Flandria Screenshot Contest

Discussion in 'Cardiff Times' started by [GIF] Mayu, Mar 12, 2019.

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    Nov 10, 2016
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    Dear Florensians,

    What does your class represent? Being able to control fire? Supporting your allies? Or protecting them with your Shield? Maybe exploring the deepest dungeons faster than everyone else? Show us what makes your class special! Send us one Screenshot per base class (Mercenary, Noble, Explorer and Saint) and you might be featured on the skill planner site of our new Florensia Fansite: Flandria.info (https://www.flandria.info/planner/). You will also receive a small reward from us!

    The following prizes await the winners:

    Mars Warrior's Necklace

    Mars Shooter's Necklace

    Mars Wizard's Necklace

    Every player can send us 1 screenshot per base class, so up to 4 screenshots in total. If 1 or more of your screenshots win you will receive the price. Tell us in the E-Mail which Necklace you want and on which character should receive it since the item will not be tradeable. We are looking forward to your representations of the classes! Send us your screenshots to events@florensia-online.com. Your e-mail size shouldn't be more than 16MB. The deadline for submissions is the 24th of March 2019. Tip: To take a nice screenshot, press "print" when you're in full screen mode and then look for it in your Florensia screenshot folder. If you want to hide Florensia's interface, just use the key "End" on your keyboard. Only unmodified screenshots can participate. Judges consist of members of the Florensia Event Team! All winners will be shown on the skill planner site of flandria.info! Have fun and good luck!

    Your Florensia Team
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