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[EVENT] Conquer the Hill

Discussion in 'Cardiff Times' started by [GIIKU] Mayu, Jul 25, 2019.

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    Dear Florensians,

    Ready, set, go! Get your friend up the hill and conquer it. The winning team gets a unique crown! The goal of the event is to accompany a Saint from the starting point to the finish point, the "Hill".

    There is an attacking team that consists of 4 players + 1 Saint and a defending team, which consists of 5 players (a Saint here as well), that tries to keep the attackers on hold. The attackers have a time window of 5 minutes.

    You will be divided into the level ranges 50-70, 71-90 and 90+. For level 50-70 the event will take place in Lava Plateau and for the higher ones in Droes Under Valley.

    The event will take place on Friday, the 2nd of August at 6 pm on Ber1 and at 8:30 pm on Eng1. If we've sparked your interest, send us a mail to events@florensia-online.com with the names of all players in your group and your level.


    - Teams can have a size of up to 5 players, including a Saint.

    Attacking team:

    - 4 Players in a party + 1 Saint outside of the party.

    - Re-spawning at the Altar is allowed.

    - The selected Saint has to conquer the "safe zone".

    - The Saint of the attacking team is not allowed to have any other buffs, apart from his own.

    Defending team:

    - The selected Saint is ALLOWED to be in a party with his team.

    - The goal is to defend, so the enemy Saint can't reach the "safe zone".

    - The defending team is not allowed to re-spawn.

    General Rules:

    - 4 Fusions per equipment piece are allowed.

    - Cash shop potions of any kind are not allowed (no power ups, cookies, cakes, revival eggs,...)

    - In-game potions are allowed.

    - The time limit is 5 minutes.

    - If the attacking team is winning, the time will be stopped and teams will be changed from attacking to defending and vice versa. The fastest time wins.

    - If an attacking team is not able to conquer the hill in 5 minutes, then the winning team will be judged on how far the Saint was able to get.

    - Marriage teleportation is forbidden.

    - Pets are not allowed!



    Your Florensia Team

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