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cambio de clase a pirest

Discussion in 'Saint' started by latromni, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. latromni

    latromni New Member

    Dec 21, 2015
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    hola, como estan?

    agradesco me guien para poder hacer el cambio de clase de saint a pirest.

    Ya fui exter a pedir cambio, alla me dieron una quest para ir al shaman puck en cardiff. Ya hice la quest del shaman y tambien ya la entregue, pero el shaman no me mando a ningun lado. Para donde voy?

    Ya me regrese a Exter pero alla no hay ques para hacer...

    Agradesco una guia o unas indicaciones a donde debo seguir.
  2. Erekoce

    Erekoce New Member

    Oct 4, 2017
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    Te dejo el texto y el link donde aparece lo que debes hacer. Lo unico que te digo es que debes viajar bastante de una isla a otra....pero tendras tu recompensa al final

    1. Nature’s fate
    Talk to Shaman Puck.
    Location: Cardiff Island, Larksdowns, F5.

    2. The man who leads to the distruction of nature
    Eliminate a Skull Monument, Tiger Spiders, and Patus.
    Location: Fox Den (D3), Castle Field (C5), Lava Plateau on Magnel Island (D2).
    Patus are enemies on level 50, surrounded by other strong monsters and within a warzone.
    I would recommend doing these monsters with friends and on a PvE-Channel.
    End: After you’ve finished this quest, go back to Shaman Puck on Cardiff Island!
    Note: The following quest is not obtained as a follower-quest of this NPC.

    3. The man who cures ill creatures
    Talk to Ross.
    Location: Magnel Island, Castle Hall, D4.
    Information: You will obtain this quest directly from Ross and not from Shaman Puck!

    4. Mark who has stomachache
    Talk to Mark.
    Location: Cardiff Island, Roxbury, F3.
    Information: You will get the next quest from Ross!

    5. Lord Lionel who has a bad headache
    Talk to Lord Lionel.
    Location: Cardiff Island, Roxbury, E1.
    Information: You will get the next quest from Ross!

    6. General Renfield who gets athlete's foot
    Talk to General Renfield.
    Location: Magnel Island, Castle Hall, D1.
    Information: You will get the next quest from Ross!

    7. Lizzie who has indigestion
    Talk to Lizzie.
    Location: Magnel Island, Castle Hall, D5.
    Information: You will get the next quest from Ross!

    8. Lady Avery who suffers from heatstroke
    Talk to Lady Avery.
    Location: Exeter Island, Glostern, D2.
    Information: You will get the next quest from Ross!

    9. Roland who was poisoned
    Talk to Roland.
    Location: Exeter Island, Glostern, C4.
    Information: You will get the next quest from Ross!

    10. Saint’s choice
    Talk to Jonathan.
    Location: Exeter Island, Glostern, D3.
    Completion: After finishing this quest, you can perform your class change. Congratulations!

    La informacion es del siguiente link https://www.florensia-online.com/forum/threads/guide-florensia-class-change-questlist-included.1295/

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