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1vs1 PvP Tournament(19.10.19)

Discussion in 'Flotalk' started by Zippa, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Zippa

    Zippa Member

    Mar 28, 2016
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    Hello again Adventurer!

    Are you ready? You look like you are still exhausted from last time, with banned skills!
    Okay okay... I will go easy on you this time. You can use every skill you want.
    Still not enough for you? Weakling...
    To help your poor Soul to achieve anything, ill let you add 5 fusions per equipment piece.
    Can you reach the top?

    Saturday 19.October 8pm CEST.

    No PvP Server (Luxplena)


    - Lvl Requirement 99+
    - Lordbuff is not allowed
    - 5 Fusions each
    - No Pets allowed
    - No buffs from other Characters are allowed
    - No comsumables at all are allowed.
    - Cash equipment (Dresses, Hats, Rings, etc) are allowed
    - 7 minutes maximum for every PvP. The player with most % hp after 7 mins wins
    - Only one character per player

    1. 20x Slate Piece of Anchient
    2. 15x Slate Piece of Anchient
    3. 10x Slate Piece of Anchient

    Every Player who joins the event and fights, will recieve 1x Platinum Powder for Free.

    How to Sign in
    Write your Class, your LvL and your full character name:
    - as a letter in game to my char "Nobi"
    - in Discord to me "Zippa#1291"

    DEADLINE to Sign in:
    18.10 8pm CEST

    Everyone who wants to sign in after this time, wont be accepted.

    Unfortunally there are a few banned Players, who are not allowed to join.
    They accused other players to cheat, they flame everyone in chat and have no respect towards their enemy.
    I don't support Players like them at all. So due to their behaviour, these players are banned from the Event and cant join:

    Im Looking Forward to meet you all on Saturday 19.10!

    Prepare your Weapons,
    sharpen your Instincts!

    See you there! ;)
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  2. SysWarn

    SysWarn New Member

    Jan 2, 2016
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    Leo lo que publicas y me sigue dando risa tu actitud de ofendido. Al parecer no te gusta que le digan sus verdades y sólo porque he dicho que utiliza un software alterno para tener velocidad de ataque y movimiento.

    Bueno, realmente no nos interesa tu "AP" barato, no nos interesan tus "Slate Piece of Ancient" y tus "Platinum Powder", sin embargo te recuerdo que en tu evento anterior, SysWarn ganó el segundo lugar, Platano ganó el tercer lugar y si te apoye fue porque no quiero que el juego termine, nosotros entendemos que no quieren ser humillados por Mexicanos, pero los »Lux~Erfolg™« y el resto de latinos también tenemos dinero para comprar "AP" aún que paguemos el doble.

    Obviamente se nota como es que te ha afectado que te digan tu verdad, y lo sigo sosteniendo. Ahora tu evento es privado para PeaceWar y CryClow, pero te deseo "Erfolg".
  3. Gryu123

    Gryu123 New Member

    Apr 28, 2015
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    mdr no cry :)

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