[EVENT] Kill the boss

Dear Florensians,

You think your party works together the best? Is your Team well interacting in killing bosses and PvP?
Show it in our Boss-PvP Event! You will fight with your party against an enemy party. The aim of the Event is to kill the enemy boss! The best party’s will earn a PvP Box! To take part in the Event you need to be on the 15.02. at 17 o’clock CET on Clouds on Server Lux2. The register period will end on 17.45 o’clock. We won’t take any later applications! The Event will start at 18 o’clock CET taking into accounts the following rules:

  • There are different bosses for different levels. Level Groups: 60-80, 81-99, 100+ (The level of the highest member decides)
  • Players are just allowed to respawn, after the fight is over
  • Saints are allowed to revive
  • While fighting players are allowed to change the equipment
  • Pets aren’t allowed
  • Cash items (like +%damage Stones, 75% HP Pots) aren’t allowed
  • Alchemist pots are allowed
  • Fusions aren’t allowed
  • Buffs are just allowed of party members (no pet buffs)
  • If the player loses connection, the player can join the next round again
  • If the skill “Touch of Death” is buggy, the round will be repeated
  • The Event will be a best of 3 (if a group wins the first two matches, the win)
  • Every round will last a maximum of 5 minutes (decision will made by the HP of the bosses)
  • If all players are dead, the decision will made by the HP of the bosses as well

Your Event-Team

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