[SHOP] Conquer the Seas

Dear Florensians,

Do you hear the call of the Ocean? The determined captains are standing at the helm while their excited sailors are busy preparing to hoist the sails this fine morning! We seem to be in Poseidon's good graces today, since the waves are smooth and there are no clouds to be seen on the horizon! A perfect day to set out on a journey across our vast Florensian Oceans!

Before setting out on the next sea adventure, you can stock up on important sailor's equipment in our Florensia item shop! Our special Sirene's Random Box is on offer with 25% off! And that is not all: You might want to have a look at some sailor's costumes, marine headmounts or, for those of you who are feeling particularly daring, maybe keep a Golden Seahorse Tail in your pocket - just in case.

Your Florensia Team

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