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Latest News
Dear Florensians, We can give you now a new date for the maintenance which we had to discontinue. The new date will be next week Thursday, October 1st 2015. It'll start like on tuesday at 8am CET.
23 Sep 19:11 Oktoberfest 2015
Dear Florensians, Every year there is the Oktoberfest held in munich and as you might know GAMESinFLAMES is based in munich. For the Oktoberfest you have to wear the fitting outfit. Usually women wear a Dirndl and boys a Lederhosen. As Florensia have these as well, we offer them till next week tuesday in our shop with a Discount on them. So let's celebrate together.
Dear Florensians, Sadly we encountered an critical hardware defect which we're not able to solve today, so we had to discontinue the maintenance. AHA Entertainment and GAMESinFLAMES are really sorry for this, we would have loved to give you the dungeon today. This problem was not able to be forseen and so we like to apologize to all of you. As soon as we have solved the issue, we'll inform you and announce a new date for the maintenance. Your Florensia-Team
Dear Florensians, the Elite Dungeon which will come to our servers will give you some new things to explore. Within the Preview we like to share some of the Information with you.
Dear Florensians, on next week tuesday, September 22nd 2015, we'll have a maintenance. The maintenance will start at 8am CET and will last at least till 1pm CET.