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Latest News
Dear Florensians, A few weeks ago we adjusted the EXP-Range and a lot of you are upset about this change. We had many discussions with you and internal at GamesInFlames as well. We promised you that we want to listen to you and if possible to involve you into decisions. So we prepared a proposal for adjusting the current level Range to make it more attractive and giving some of the advantages from the situation before back to you. We like to hear your voice on it so leave us a comment and vote if you want us to propose this to AHA Entertainment or stay with the current system.
During the 4th month of the year, weather and temperature typically go crazy: nature awakens with full force. This year, another force also ravages in the world of Florensia – please welcome the demons with their devilish apparel in our shop.
You remember Saint Patrick of Ireland who has bestowed upon us an assortment of green items in March? He had actually planned to add a “St. Patrick’s Day Random Box” to this selection; but very spontaneously indeed, he decided to hold it back and to have it available for sale only this Holy Thursday. But why? In German, this day is named “Gründonnerstag”, green Thursday – and you only eat green things (or things colored green). To commemorate this tradition, you can grab one of the boxes and get a green surprise. Enjoy the Easter holidays and our special offers. Your Florensia Team
Are you ready for an army of bunny ears and jackrabbit pompons? To celebrate Easter, a whole range of hare-style clothes is available in our shop, for which all the rabbits out there will certainly envy you. The Bunny Boy and Bunny Girl Dresses come in four different colors (red, blue and yellow, the traditional Easter colors – and in deep black), the Rabbit Ears can be bought at a discount, and the Dressy Rabbit Suits or Hats will complement your paschal styles. Let there be bunnies everywhere!
Dear Florensians, with todays maintenance we applied the following updates. Shield Bug Fix Hanami Decoration Easter Event Monster Exp Range reduced to 9 Level We hope you enjoy the easter holidays. Your Florensia-Team