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We are convinced: every single day merits to be celebrated. So isn’t it convenient that the yearly calendar offers us so many occasions to do just that? This time, we cheer to honor the beginning of a new era: In South Korea, people are celebrating the New Year on February 8th with a feast named “Seollal”.
Dear Florensians, Tomorrow, February 3rd 2016, we'll have a maintenance starting at 6 a.m. CET to remove the 2x EXP Event. This will mark the end of the anniversary celebrations and we hope you all enjoyed it. Your Florensia Team
Dear Florensians, We would like to not only celebrate the anniversary for Florensia with the 2x EXP which is currently active, we like to give you some extra motivation! Therefore you'll find in our Item Shop a new category for the time of the 2x EXP. Within this you'll find plenty of things that will help you level faster. All of these will get a Discount of 10%.
21 Jan 13:00 Florensia Birthday
Dear Florensians, on January 19th 2015 you could register again and on the 22st also play again Florensia, but this time published by GAMESinFLAMES. Therefor we like to celebrate this "Birthday" together with all of you and activated for that purpose a 2x EXP Event on our server which will last till February 2nd 2016. Over th
Dear Florensia, tomorrow, January 21st 2016, we'll have a small maintenance starting at 6am CET. While this maintenance we'll add a small surprise which will be announced tomorrow. Please log out in advance to this maintenance, to avoid damage on your charakters. Your Florensia-Team