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Latest News
Dear Players, while our Maintenance on May 28th 2015 we worked on the following things. Tweaks on the environment for better performance Add the Item Mall Items "Pardiocs Forgotten Hat" and "Pardiocs Forgotten Armor" Your Florensia-Tea
Recently, we acknowledged those in the battle, who fight for the victory of light and against the shadows. Now it is about time we thanked the guardians who defend our cities and who take care of safeguarding our paths. In the Itemshop, you will thus now find their pretty uniforms and helmets.
Dear Players, We'll have tomorrow on May 28th, beginning at 7am CET a maintenance. While this maintenance we work on stability and performance and add some new items to the game. Your Florensia-Team
26 May 10:00 Are you Elite enough?
Dear Florensians, In January 2015 Florensia started again and we gave the promise that we don't run it just on purpose. We always said we want to have the game further developed. Now it's time that we like to share some of the information for the first Game Update with you, which will arrive within the next 2 months on our servers.
You tasted the dark side of the Force, you have seen the devil’s children – and now you gravitate towards the light? Following the saying “It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness,” we present to you the perfect armor to fight the shadows.