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Latest News
Dear Florensians, last week we showed you in our Twitch Stream the new Dungeon and answered many of your questions. Our team member Taltrius had captured them and so we present you here the complete log of the stream. If you want to see the stream again or for the first time. You can do it on our YouTube Channel.
Dear Florensians, As we informed you the Elite Dungeon had been delayed, but now we can finally give and show you more about the Dungeon. Therefore we'll held a Twitch.tv Session on next Tuesday, August 25th 2015, at 8pm CET. Within this 1h session we'll show you the dungeon and have a Q&A. The Dungeon itself will take few more days to be tested and adjusted until we can release it, so this is just a first look into it.
14 Aug 12:21 Beach Party
Dear Florensians, The sun is burning down and the best place to be is at the beach and enjoy cooling water of the sea and playing with your friends. But you can't go in your usual armor to the beach, you would need something more fitting. The best outfit would be one of the cool Swimsuits we offer.
Dear Florensians, while our maintenance we added the following things.
Magic and the outland have always fascinated adventurers. This also holds true in the case of the travelers who came from India in the Middle Age. Everyone knew a story or two about them and credited them with magical powers, calling them the “gypsy”. We have found the ultimate proof of their existence: the Gypsy Dress and Hat.