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Latest News
Dear Adventures! As you all know, every year on Easter, – the rabbit will hide its items in tall grass. Eggs and candy are the treats he gives us before the time will pass! This year especially, our rabbit is planning a big surprise for us. Chocolate, cookies, and goodies are enough to win our trust! However, the Rabbit wants to give more.
Dear Florensians, while our todays maintenance the following things got changed.
Hi Florensians, As of today you'll have the chance to get your hands on very unique Dress which are normally not available outside of VRMMOs. But we got our hands on these and are proud to offer these to you.
Dear Florensians, Last week we gave you a preview on the upcoming patch for the 2nd Elite Dungeon. By today we like to share the date for the maintenance with you. On Wednesday March 23rd 2016, starting at 6am CET we'll implement the changes mentioned in our Preview. As this is not a usual maintenance, we expect it to last till noon at minimum.
Dear Florensians, a while ago you got a small teaser on what comes next to our servers and today we like to reveal it. It'll be the 2nd Elite Dungeon and it will be the Elite Abandoned Mine! But will come with this you may ask, here is a small overview.