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Latest News
30 Jun 11:45 Thanks for Greenlight
Dear Florensians, it was June 29th 2015 close to midnight CET when we received the message "We like to congratulate, you got Greenlit". This would have been never be possible with the huge help of you. Therefore our Thanks goes to each one of you.
26 Jun 11:27 [SHOP] Fear the Ghosts
Dear Florensians, the latest discovery found some ancient warriors that seems to be quite powerful and which offered their help for a short period of time if you're willing to hire them.
Dear Florensians, many of you keep asking us to bring Florensia to Steam. We're proud to announce that we'll do now the first step and have Florensia now within the Greenlight process. Now we need your help to get us greenlit and step forward.
From June 18 to 23, we invite you to grab and use your fishing rods, every time you go to the sea. To go fishing is a perfect opportunity to take your time and to leave all the worries of the daily routine behind. You don’t own a Fishing Rod yet? Then go ahead and visit the Itemshop to get your new favorite “weapon”; only this week, all rods are exceptionally cheap (-15%!).
In 2009, the United Nations announced the first “World Oceans Day” on 8 June. Since that date, this is the perfect occasion to raise awareness for the better treatment of our oceans, which cover 70% of our planet’s surface; and even more in the world of Florensia. From 8 to 11 June, we commemorate this day with quite a few nautical objects on our Itemshop.